"Red Triangle" is the oldest industrial enterprise of Saint-Petersburg, which could be 150 years old this year. The history of the main rubber factory of the country is the history is all industry of Russia since it started to the present moment.

"Triangle" is the first rubber factory in Russia. It started in 1860, when Ferdinand Krauzkopf established the Russian-American rubber manufacture company (TRAPM). In 1918 the plant was renamed. Tthe new name was "Red Triangle". In 1932 year the plant started producing synthetic caoutchouc.

When the Second World War began most departments of "Red Triangle" were evacuated from Leningrad. But using the remained equipment the products which were necessary for the front were also released during the blockade days. The War damaged "Red Triangle" a lot.

The years of the privatization in the 90s inflicted even greater casualties for the plant than the post revolution years in 1917-1922. The "Red Triangle" company was divided into some separate parts. And some independent companies were founded. In May 2002 "Red Triangle" was announced a bankrupt by the arbitrage court. Nowadays there are several firms here, but few rubber boots are produced.



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